Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Brother's 13th Birthday

13 is a significant year for many children because it marks the start of their teenage years! And of course as teenagers, lots of problems start surfacing. Not to mention, the change of schools and character.

My bro, who used to be a shy boy is suddenly super chatty and using language which stuns the rest of us sometimes ;) Of course we're all pretty cool with it, except my mum. Guess she's refusing to believe that her little good boy is growing up.

So anyway, I rushed down from salsa training to have a birthday lunch with my bro and ph. Ph nicely treated us to a meal at Hob Nob. More of that on another food post!

*Spot my brother towering over me (in a colourful maxi dress).*

And since it was a special occasion, ph decided to buy us Garrett Popcorn for the movie we were about to catch. We watched The Grandmaster, which was 2 hours long and nothing but a martial arts and digital effects feast for the eyes. The movie was downright boring and I was wishing it would end, after just 30 mins into the show. 

Dinner was spent with the family as usual, when my dad returned from work. My brother chose Jack's Place to celebrate his name day. I told you we are all fans of that restaurant! I'm not going to go into details the food we had since we always order more or less the same stuff. If you need a detailed description, visit the post on ph's birthday instead!

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My bro specially requested for an Awfully Chocolate cake after he had it for my birthday last year and fell in love with it instantly. I really highly recommend it if you're a chocolate lover! Hell, even if you're not a chocolate lover like me, you'll still enjoy it! 

So just a quick introduction on my brother: He's 13 now, about 170 cm tall ( and still growing, wtf I know), entered Catholic High School (where he has to recite his school motto every single day :o ) and a Manchester United fan (like the rest of the family). 

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