Monday, February 18, 2013

Best Fish & Chips on a Budget: Wok Inn Fish and Chips

Long story short: The fish & chips here is simply. the. best. 

Tell me where else can you find fish & chips for under $6? Yep all Western stalls in hawker centers price their food at around the same price. But what makes Wok Inn's Fish & Chips stand out is the quality. 

The fish here is cooked in the traditional British style-- where the batter is thin and crispy while the fish is kept moist. It's as simple as that yet hard to master, which makes the fish & chips here stand out by a mile. Granted, the type of fish used may not be as fancy, but a HUGE piece of fish cooked to such perfection, at under $6 is enough to blow my mind away. Plus, you can make it even more traditional by adding malt vinegar to your fish. 


Wok Inn Fish and Chips
Address: Blk 125, Toa Payoh Lor 2 (previously at Blk 95)
Tel: 98976048

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  1. Moved to PoMo Mall, at 1 Selegie Rd #01-20/21! It is also renamed Mr Fish & Chips at Cafe Wok inn, and as always it is super delicious!


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