Thursday, February 14, 2013

211 Roof Terrace Cafe


This is actually my second time to the place and both times I've been there are through the deals on Groupon. The last time I went there I had their dinner menu and so this time, I tried their brunch menu instead.

Mushroom & Steak
Love the mushrooms but the steak could have been a little less cooked, for me at least since I always have it medium rare/medium. And I'm bad at describing sausages, which is ironic because they're one of my favourite food. But I'll try my best! So yes it's something close to chorizo. Maybe it is chorizo???? Either way, it's not my favourite kind of sausage because it's a little too flavorful since the spicy smell (?) is really strong but yet it's not spicy. Sounds like a schizo. Anyway, I know it's a delight for some, like ph. 

English Breakfast
You get to choose how you want your eggs done (mine's scrambled) and it comes with pork sausage, rosti potato, multigrain toast, bacon etc. The rosti's nothing to rave about but I love the toast! Really fragrant and toasted to perfection, making it slight crispy :) And I prefer normal pork sausages so this one's more of a winner for me!

Honestly, since the last time I went there, the only thing that really left an impression was their homemade nachos. It's terribly sinful and we all love food like that. LOADED WITH CHEESE AND SOUR CREAM on top of a tomato base, this dish is the perfect solution for gaining weight. But who cares? Everyone deserve to indulge once in a while. Except that I indulge like every week. -.- 

And finally some alcohol to cool us down since we opted to sit outside, under the shades but it was still damn freaking hot. 
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211 Cafe
Address: 211 Holland Ave, Singapore 278967
Phone:6462 6194

P.S Happy Valentine's Day to all! It's no longer just about lovebirds so everyone can celebrate! ;)

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