Wednesday, January 23, 2013


If you hadn't had Poulet, then you're definitely missing out on some amazing french cuisine!


If you're too lazy to read every single detail, then just remember something: IT IS A MUST TO ORDER THEIR MUSHROOM SOUP. 

And of course, their roast chicken-- duh. 


Mash Potato 
It has an extremely smooth texture and kinda melts in your mouth. That's some pretty amazing whipping/mashing! But the slight downside is that it's a little plain without any sauce. 


Mushroom Soup 
And this is the A-M-A-Z-I-N-G bowl of mushroom soup! It's REALLY creamy, fragrant and strong on the taste of mushrooms! Plus it's chunky with much little bits of mushroom with every scoop. Warning though, it's really thick so if you like the Chinese Style soup, this isn't one for you.

Christmas Special: Roasted Chicken with Cranberry Sauce

I hadn't tried the original one but thought that I should give the christmas special a go since it's probably going to be only once a year special. LOVE the chicken. It's roasted to perfection, you don't actually need a knife to slice off the meat! Just use a fork and dig. The skin is delicious and thin. The cranberry sauce is different from the one at Ikea-- it's much thicker here. Don't ask me about the mustard though because I hate mustard. 

Grilled Sausages

You can pretty much give this a miss as they taste just like your average sausages, unless you're a fan of sausages. 


I didn't really like this one because it has a very strong smell which resembles lamb? Yes the meat is extremely tender, but taste wise I can't make a good judgment. But according to ph, it's pretty good.


Poulet (Bugis+)
201 Victoria Street
Level 4 Bugis+
Tel: 66816727

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