Friday, January 11, 2013

My Current Favourite Fashion Blogger: Shea Marie

HELLO FASHION BUNNIES! (Or anyone else who is reading this, HELLO!!!)

It's been months since I've stopped reading local blogs daily and moved on to foreign blogs instead. There's something about all these foreign fashion bloggers which makes their blogs amazing to visit! Must be the beautiful pictures, outfits, beautiful bloggers, or a combination of all!

Honestly, I think local blogs are getting a little too..... boring? (for lack of a better word) I still do read local blogs occasionally, I mean who doesn't read Xiaxue's blog??? However, there's something about these foreign fashion bloggers which made me cast local blogs aside.

Perhaps its the amount of international recognition and the big brands these fashion bloggers get to work with . Their lives are as dreamlike and glamorous as they can get-- attending Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (MY LIFELONG DREAM, which only happens in my dreams), working with big brands like Chanel, Mango and Burberry (Another LIFELONG DREAM which only happens in my dreans).

What many girls out there would give to have a life like these fashion bloggers.

The last time I introduced Hapatime, who really changed the direction of my blog. I became more aware of what I was wearing and try my best to dress up to the best of my abilities. Photo taking took a WHOLE new direction. Less self-shots, more portraiture. More high quality shots too, all thanks to the wonderful bf, who invested in a $2000 DSLR.

This time, I'm introducing an insanely gorgeous fashion blogger.

Meet Shea Marie. Website:

Beautiful Blogger, Beautiful Pictures, Glamorous Life, Beautiful Clothes. What's not to love? 

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