Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Short Reflection of 2012

Yes, this is probably 17 days late, but I've never been someone to reflect on the passing year. I guess I should start though because I have so much I am thankful for. I have never really had some sort of a 'bad' year so I guess my life had been fairly happy. And happiness should never be taken for granted.

2012 was an amazing year for me.

Most of all, I got to travel to more places than I had in the past 5 years. 2 new, 1 old.

I got to visit Korea, which was an extremely pleasant experience. Korea will always be one of my favourite holiday places because of the amazing politeness of the people there, the food and the crazy amount of makeup.

Guangzhou was another new experience. Though it pales a little in comparison with Korea, it was amazing nonetheless because of the superb weather, the superbly (cheap) currency and the scenery. It was also our first family holiday in a few years so I'm really thankful for that. Also found out that my brother's a history/scenery junkie when overseas, which made me even more thankful.

(Recall: the whiny and I-just-want-to-shop-or-play-games teenage years that most people have when overseas with their family.) So I'm thankful that my brother appreciates the other things in life.

2012 was also an amazing year for my blog because it FINALLY got to showcase beautiful pictures. And that is all thanks to ph for getting a DSLR. My god, that amazing thing produces the most beautiful pictures! And I know for pictures to look good, processing them is really important! So thank you bf for spending hours in front of the computer adjusting every single photo.

Not to forget, my huge increase in interest on fashion blogs. That lead me to tweak the direction of my blog and the photos I take. Lesser self-shots, more portraiture. And of course, I became less lazy to dress up. Also, a natural plunge in my cash reserves as I spend more on clothes and accessories.

2012 also sees a miraculous improvement in my grades. I guess I do better if I actually care lesser? Oh the irony.

So.... in 2013, I'll be GRADUATING FROM LAW SCHOOL and that is undoubtly one of the most exciting part of 2013. Also, my grad trip to most probably Australia! This year also marks the 4th year of my blog and gosh, I never thought that I would actually be blogging for so long! I still remember the very day I started this blog--in the middle of a boring law lesson. I'm not exactly sure what to expect in 2013, but I'll pray that it'll be amazing like every year!


  1. gimme some credit for encouraging you to start the blog when u were asking if you should hahahaha



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