Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Restaurant Week: 1-Altitude

Now Restaurant Week had past way back so this is extremely backdated. But this time, I have to say ph's doing all the processing of photos and he still has his day job to do. So I can't pressure him to process immediately.

It's not like I'll post up the photos immediately either even if they were given to me. Busy with school, work etc etc. The usual excuses I would say. Half the time I'm just reading comics and watching youtube videos and reading other fashion blogs. LOL.

Let me start off by saying the food there is nice but not as nice as Wild Rabbit. That makes it an average of 7/10. It's isn't as bad as what everyone claims, or rather, they heard it from someone else. And I believe my standard for food is actually pretty high. But then I understand that for the Original price that a person is paying, it may not be 7/10. Maybe a 6.8?

BUT HOLY COW! THEIR SERVICE IS AMAZING. I would pay to have impeccable service!

P.S Pictures aren't good because ph was feeling paiseh having to add on a big external (blinding) flash to his already huge dslr, in an atas restaurant. 

Scallop appetizer. The scallop is that small lump in the top right corner. 
Foie Gra with Pate
Foie Gras with Pate 

Fish which was REALLY good. For the first time, I loved the fish over lamb shank.

Braised lamb shank
Braised Lamb Shank

Coconut and jelly dessert
Some coconut and jelly dessert which was unique and delish :)

After a meal at 1-Altitude, we went on to their rooftop bar. It has such awesome city view of Singapore's famous lights and buildings!

One Altitude Roof top bar
City hall night aerialMBS at night

Now even if you don't wanna dine at 1-Altitude, do check our their beautiful bar :) 

As for the food itself, like I said, it wasn't as bad as what I heard from people. It's pretty decent at 7/10 for restaurant week! So next time do give it a try during restaurant week :)


  1. Hahaa..that scallop looks pathetic....=p

    1. Hi Alvin!

      Haha yes it was really little. I was a little shocked when I saw the dish!


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