Friday, December 7, 2012

Pre-22nd with Caderas

And once again, it's that time of the year where I age a little. It's my birthday tomorrow and I didn't plan a party this time round because it's my 22nd. Nothing special like 21st!

But my lovely Caderas (and EX-Caderas) friends came together to celebrate last night with a simple dinner and a huge surprise :')

Stacy organised dinner at Spageddies and it's my first time there. Food's pretty decent :)

And they got me a lovely body mist from Victoria's Secrets! Thank you so so much lovelies :)
My Caderas friends are one of the closest and easy-going batch of friends I have in uni! Minus all that drama and politics, I didn't regret joining Caderas because I got to meet them :) In fact , they were the ones I could bitch to and find comfort in whenever Caderas politics was too much to handle.

I really didn't expect a present but the surprise didn't stop there!

After dragging my ass to training (I had wanted to go drink with the ex-members), Zac, Stacy, Shaun, Wei Cong surprised me with a birthday cake! <3 
I seriously did not expect anything like this! Ever since Jey left the club, the club had always been about Daniel/Lorna, Jie Sheng/Arielle birthday celebrations. I remembered having a convo with Zen about how the rest of us will never get to have such stuff because our other halves are not in the club and because we aren't in the current P & VP's gang. 

But alas! 2 years after Jey last celebrated for me in the club, the surviving members surprised me with a cake :') I am sincerely touched and words could not explain how I felt last night. 

Though technically, there's always a word for every single emotion. 

So thank you so so much my lovely bunch of caderas friends :') HUGS & KISSES <3 <3 <3 

Now I shall brave up for tomorrow when I age by a year (sigh) and indulge in some yummy buffet with ph & my family! 

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