Sunday, December 30, 2012



In case you didn't know, Medz has a 50% offer for STUDENTS between 2-5pm! That's the only reason why I would try out the food there, another factor being the really pretty decor. 

The only downside though is that not everything in the menu is available as they are all in the midst of preparing. Nonetheless, the choices available for lunch is pretty decent. 

And let me repeat, because there's a 50% off, the food scored extra points Objectively speaking, for the price, I would rather have Marche. Of course, one would argue that Medz serve a totally different type and range of food. But still, in its original pricing, the food is not good enough. Objectively, they would all score about 6.5/10. With the offer, 7.5 perhaps? 

Food from the pictures: Churros, Non-alcoholic mojito, beef stew dish, paella. I'm not commenting on each of them specifically because there really is not much diff between all. I would just advise you to eat whatever you want as there isn't any must-try dishes. 

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