Monday, December 24, 2012

Masterchef Series: Ph's Home-Cooked Dinner

About a month back, ph had an insane urge to whip up a meal of Bangers & Mash. So I brought my brother over to ph's home and the three of us cooked up a storm for dinner!

Since Ph was the only one who could cook, in the correct sense of the word, the rest of us just followed whatever instructions we were given.
Preparing the salmon
Salmon ready to be baked
Getting the salmon ready for baking
A with the mash
My 'aunty' way of mashing potatoes.

Nic @ the wok
My brother's first ever try at cooking. I was impressed that he actually gave it a try. I was expecting him to refuse for fear of being burnt accidentally. He's uhhh.. a really scaredy person.

And dinner is served! Credits to ph for EVERYTHING except the mash potatoes. I did the mash myself with my own super secret recipe. Ha. 

Homecooked Dinner

I'm thinking of getting ph to whip up something again for a little christmas feast for me, my brother and himself. 
What are you guys doing for christmas? :)

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