Thursday, December 20, 2012

Guangzhou Roundup


Guangzhou had been quite a journey! LOTS of walking and climbing, both of which Singaporeans are definitely not used to doing. My feet would ache everyday and my family and I would treat ourselves to feet massages near our hotel. 

Shopping wise, I was kinda disappointed because it's winter there and everything was winter clothing. Couldn't get anything much to wear for Singapore's weather :( So I ended up buying accessories instead. 

Food there's pretty overrated. The dim sum's on par with those good ones in Singapore so nothing really stood out to me. Even the cooked food was just nice but not WOW.  

The sights are really something though! Lots of beautiful scenery to see if you make an effort to travel around! For example, the last two pictures were taken at Lotus Hill. It's in Panyu City so it was 1.5hours journey from Guangzhou. And even after we reached, the park was massive and it took us 4 hours to walk around, and we already skipped some sights. Tiring, but rewarding :)

Thank god for the perfect weather too! Most of the time it's around 18 degrees, so it's not too cold and not too warm either. 

What I particularly don't enjoy though, is the culture. It's just enforcing the view that China people are generally just really rude. Hell, we fought on two occasions with the people there! They get frustrated easily and shoot their mouths off. As if the whole world is supposed to understand Cantonese, or as if the whole world knows how everything works there. Appalling actually given these unpleasant encounters were with people from the service line. And please be prepared to wait really long because service is FOREVER slow. It made me appreciate Singapore's standard of service a lot more.   

But well, when in Rome, do what the Romans do. So after a day there, I got used to all these antics and I started to find a sense of calmness in everything. My parents, of course being older, never stopped comparing Singapore's standard to Guangzhou. So I guess they just complained all the time. 

Oh and the thing I really hate, are the toilets there. I never once had to squat in Singapore. Yes okay that sounds like a spoilt child but how many of you can still find those squatting toilets in Singapore? And it really didn't help that the toilets stink all the time. So the toilets are probably the thing I hate most about the whole trip. 

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