Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cupcakes for Christmas!

Photo: And our baking session commences! @felitsh @hachecee Photo: Nutella cupcakes in the baking! @felitsh @hachecee
Photo: Baked #nutella #cupcakes with malteses #foodporn #instafood  Photo: And m&m toppings too! #cupcakes #instafood #foodporn

My cousins and I got together to bake some yummy nutella cupcakes as Christmas gifts! It's my first time ever baking cupcakes and it was quite a success since I've received nice comments on them :) Thank you guys! I'm glad they weren't too sweet, which I feared they were.  

Baking's really fun and thank you Fel for hosting the baking! Then again, you're the only one with an oven. Lol. 

Anyway, I've just spent about an hour reading up on the whole Zoe Raymond saga. I'm disappointed actually, because she had been one of my favourite bloggers, whose blog I read almost frequently. Rumour has it that she is a third party to someone's relationship, and that the couple was actually 2 months away  from getting married until the guy called it off. WOW that's real serious stuff! I'm pretty shocked because Zoe Raymond has always portrayed a "goody two shoes" image. Then again, she hasn't exactly clarified anything either. 

But oh well, gossips are fun like that but it's bound to blow over in a while. If you're interested in the story, or looking for something to spice up your weekend, here's the link from the Yuki's (the heartbroken fiancee) page.


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