Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Breakfast @ Swensens

Breakfast @ Swensons
Breakfast @ Swensons
Sunrise Omelette

Breakfast @ Swensons
Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict 

Breakfast @ Swensons
Hearty Steak and Eggs

One word to describe their breakfast: AVERAGE

Luckily they're pretty affordable at less than $15 each. To be honest, the one thing that stood out was the bun. It's surprisingly sweet and tasted even better with butter smeared across it. And perhaps those garden mushrooms too. Chewy, juicy and really strong on the 'mushroom smell'. 

For the hearty steak, well firstly it isn't hearty, secondly, Swensens can't cook steak. It's overcooked and it's a super thin slab of beef. I can't even call it a slab! 

Smoked salmon was, mediocre, and the eggs benedict suck. I mean they can't even get hollandaise right, unless they never intended for it to be hollandaise sauce at all???  And the poached eggs aren't poached. They're close to hard boiled. 

Maybe it's just the Woodlands branch that's this bad? Speaking of Woodlands....

Breakfast @ Swensons

HI!!!!!! We're both half-awake because we had to travel all the way from Hougang to meet Ph at Woodlands for breakfast. 

Not because Hougang is an ulu village with nothing, contrary to what some of my friends think. It's just that we were supposed to cook up a feast for dinner at his place that day. So might as well have dinner there too. 

Swensens breakfast is available only from 8-11am, weekends and public holidays!

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