Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Hello guys! Did you all have a great christmas celebration?

I spent mine with my family and ph, having a simple dinner consisting of pizza and whole chicken. We watched A Christmas Carol while dining and played christmas carols after. I love A Christmas Carol and I'm starting to make a point to watch it every Christmas!


This photo was taken some time back, about a few weeks? When I just bought this pair of blue pants at long last! I've been trying to find a fitting pair for a year!!!! Got it from Mango at a steal-- $39! 


While typing this post, Big Bang's Blue kept playing in my head, thus I titled the post Blue. It's a really nice and soothing sad song by the way. 

Looking at this picture, I kinda miss my curls :( Now I have limp straight hair. Sigh. Went to rebond it two weeks back and regretted thereafter. The funny thing is that I've been rebonding my messy hair since secondary school, but one year of leaving it curly, I suddenly hate straight hair. If it's not for the frizzy parts, sigh... 

Time flies and the New Year is just round the corner! Then my very last school semester would commence. It's unbelievable that 3.5 years had passed just like that! Leaving me with in a flurry as I try to spend whatever holiday time I have left in the most meaningful way. 

Happy Holidays Everyone!  

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