Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I came across a short article which surprisingly spoke pretty deeply to me. I highly recommend this article to anyone who aims to do what they love.
"Don’t let numbers rule you. Numbers are arbitrary and basically worthless. How many readers do you have? No one really knows, and in the end the number of readers doesn’t matter as much as things like: how much do they care about your articles, how much have you helped them, how much do they trust you, how excited are they? Page views don’t matter, neither do Facebook fans or Twitter followers or the number of people on your mailing list. Instead of worrying about numbers, pour yourself into your work, make yourself incredibly valuable, help people as much as possible, love what you do. The numbers will come as a side effect. 
It’s the doing and loving that matters. Many people focus on growing, or hitting goals, or making money, but they forget what matters. What matters most is loving what you do. If you love it, and you’re doing it, you’ve already succeeded. Don’t worry so much about achieving certain levels of success—people push themselves so hard to reach those things that they forget to enjoy what they’re doing, and in the process they lose the reason they’re doing it in the first place."
In the past, all I cared about was numbers: number of daily readers, blog hits etc. In fact one of the reasons why I started blogging was because I was (and still am) an avid reader of famous blogs, and I thought to myself: I want this too. Not to mention the awesome amount of cash and sponsorship that comes with it.

Perhaps that is the reason why my initial posts were all pretty lukewarm in feelings. I didn't put in much thought into blogging. I just type and excitedly wait for bloghits to increase. But i guess this is not how blogging truly works. Because if that is the sole aim of blogging, you'll pretty much burn out really soon when you don't see that insane increase (or the money that's supposed to follow).

Thus eventually, my aim for blogging changed. I've always love food and fashion (and makeup and 1000 other things that girls love), and decided that "Hey! My blog shall just be a memory of all things I love!" It'll be an added bonus if people do read, but if they don't, it's perfectly FINE.

Because my little space here, will serve as a memory of all the fun I've had with everything I love. Whenever someone asks me for opinions on where to dine, I refer to my own blog and recommend from there! After all, I have only THAT amount of memory for non-academic stuff.

Slowly, I learnt to love what I do-- blogging. Even if it doesn't reward me with that dreamy truckloads of cash, it rewarded me with truckloads of precious memories.

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