Friday, November 2, 2012

Ph's 26th: Night Safari

So here we were at Night Safari after a filling dinner at Jack's Place! It's been more than a decade since I was at Night Safari! Love it when they have awesome promotions like 1-for-1 admission fee :)
A with Rhino
Noise will disturb the animals.
Waterfall @ Night Safari
The majestic malayan tiger
The Majestic Malayan Tiger. Simply beautiful. 
Waiting for the animal show to start
Waiting for Creatures of the Night show to start.
Waiting for the animal show to start
Waiting for the animal show to start
The stage
Gorgeous stage for the show
The highlight: Looking for a 'lost' giant snake amongst the spectators' seats!

And guess what? I was seating RIGHT ON the spot where they hid the snake. Bloody Hell!
Look at how huge it is!!!!
Raccoons causing a mess!
Otters and recycling
And adorable otters recycling the mess caused by those raccoons! 
A and the Zebra
Developing a tendency to hug all animal statues 
Clouded Leopard by SMU
LOOK! My school adopted a leopard! Of course I'm happy for the leopard but seriously do all our school fees go into this?!
The Pandas are Coming
Can't wait to see the pandas when they debut at the end of this year!
PH and A with the Elephants

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