Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Epilogue Cafe

So Epilogue had this 20% off voucher and I thought it would be a good idea to give the food there a try. It's located inside Prologue (HA.HA.) and it's actually a really great place to buy a book and just chill the afternoon away inside the cafe.

Except that the food wasn't good.

And the prices aren't even cheap to begin with. Ugh.

Meatball Bolognese
Meatball Bolognese Pasta

I swear it's crappy. Firstly, the tomato sauce is sour-ish and bland at the same time. It tastes EXACTLY like that bottle of Domino brand pre-made pasta sauce found in supermarkets. It's not even the same standard as the Prego brand, which tastes way better. And I had to pay like $8 for this? The meatballs were probably the only saving grace, but they even had to forsake this chance of salvation because the balls were served slightly burnt. Which made me wonder if they 'cooked' this dish, or just shove it into an oven. 

Rendang Chicken Pie

 Sorry for the half-eaten picture because we forgot to take a photo of it when it came. But anyway, this dish is actually pretty good. The crust was really crispy and fragrant. The rendang sauce inside was good though the chicken was a little dry. But this thing cost $5! I don't think it's worth that much. Price aside, you should give this pie a try!

Ice Chocolate 

Tasted like diluted milo. Crappy. And it's like $5-$6? Even worse than crappy. 

So to sum it all up: Bad. 

The ONLY thing I liked about it, was the offer of a free book with a min. spending of $15 (or is it $20?). Though they had a really limited range of books on the shelves, I couldn't decide between a book on origins of unicorns (don't judge..) and an Artemis Fowl book for my little bro. 

Look at the HUGE book on unicorns!

Called up my bro and asked him about Artemis Fowl. Being a good sister, I decided to forgo my unicorn book for his! He's a HUGE fan of Artemis Fowl series! 

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