Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pizza Hut's New Dishes

Before I start, I have to say that if it wasn't for the 1-for-1 deals that they're having right now, I wouldn't even bother with the new dishes. I mean the only dishes I truly enjoy there are: sweet & spicy drumlets, beef lasagna, pizzas and seafood parchment pasta.

So far, these dishes have been around for at least a decade so they're trust-worthy. The new pastas I've tried are... AVERAGE. Meh.

Beef.... Something..
Okay, firstly I must apologise because I can't actually remember what this dish is called, except that it's probably beef _____. I was checking out their online menu and I realised that this dish isn't on it. I wonder if they've taken this out? Good choice if they did, in my opinion.

This beefy dish is crappy. Real crappy. The pasta is so thick, I think they used mee hoon kuey. And the broth/soup has a really weird sour taste to it. I spent half the time thinking if I was served spoiled food. I asked ph for a second opinion, to which he said it supposed to taste sour since the broth/soup has tomato. I give it to them if the sourness is due to the tomato. But still I can't get over the funny sour taste that I couldn't even properly taste the beef. 

Rigatoni in Hazelnut Creme
 This is definitely the better dish. The hazelnut creme is the winner here while the smoked chicken helps in adding some salt to the otherwise pure creamy sauce. I can't really detect any hint of hazelnut, though the sauce isn't purely cream either. But it is a better than average dish, mall in portion and high on price.  

Verdict: I had these 2 dishes on a 1-for-1 deal, so to me, the food is reasonable in all sense. However, if I were to pay full price for these 2 pastas, I'd rather have Pastsmania, which already isn't fantastic. If you really need to have pasta in Pizza Hut, have either the lasagne or the seafood parchment pasta. The latter is surprisingly good.   

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