Tuesday, October 30, 2012

ph's 26th @ Jack's Place

Jack's Place is never ever his first choice for a meal. So I was pretty shocked when he decided to have his birthday dinner there. But I guess the reason behind it was because we had to go to Night Safari after dinner, and Ang Mo Kio would be the most convenient to cab from thereafter.

I really feel that one of the best branches Jack's Place have is at Ang Mo Kio. It's always packed with customers even when they're close to closing at 10pm!

The view from our table

P.S Whatever I'm going to introduce next are food that I've already eaten for years and I think they're one of the more delicious items on the menu :)

Lobster Bisque and Garlic Bread
Starting off the meal with my favourite Lobster Bisque soup! It's one of the best soups they have there, if you don't mind a slightly fishy taste from the lobster. 
Prawns in Mango
Another one of my favourite appetizer- Prawn with mango.
Escargots with shallots
Escargots- an absolute MUST HAVE whenever I visit Jack's Place. 

I remember that my dad was the person who introduced this dish to me back when I was really little. I fell in love with it ever since.  
The thoughts of eating snails may cause one to revolt, and ask, how do snails taste like? Well, to me, it tastes like chicken, only slightly more chewy/rubbery. Ph doesn't like escargots so I had the joy of eating ALL of them. Not a bad thing that there are people who dislike such food ;) 
Steaks @ Jack's Place
Steak, another dish I never ever fail to order when I'm at Jack's Place. Though to be honest, it ain't exactly good steak, like how the one I had that day was cooked unevenly. But somehow, they all taste good. Must be the sauce. 

I'm a pretty frequent diner at Jack's Place because my family truly enjoys the food and we used to go there for everyone's birthday. They serve really decent food, and steak, in particular, if you are not too picky. 
Make a wish PH

After that it was Night Safari for the rest of the celebration! But I'll leave it to the next post! School work is piling up once again :'(

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