Thursday, October 18, 2012

La Pizzaiola

This place is such a hidden find! Tucked away amongst groups of private houses and next to Wimbly Lu, this pizza place is really amazing! Plus, the pizzas and pastas are really AFFORDABLE-- under $20!
Parma ham pizza. 
One of my fave flavours for pizza because I LOVE parma ham! This pizza dough is super chewy and fluffy even though it's thin crust. Plus the dough is really really tasty, not plain. AND it really is authentically Italian-ish. Not your Singapore type of pizza. 
We spotted this really cool thing used to store olive oil & balsamic vinegar! Unscrew the corks accordingly to get your desired condiment. 
Ph and I had a pasta dish too. I'm terribly sorry for forgetting what this one is called, since I'm horrible at Italian. I think it's the first dish off their Pasta page in the menu. We spotted this on every table as we walked into the restaurant so naturally, we have to have it. The top is actually covered with piping warm bread. The waiter would then help you to cut off the bread, revealing the pasta! And the brown thing in the picture is THE PASTA, not ham. And the white stuff is cheese.

This is a really unique dish, something which I haven't tried before. The bread is the best part of the whole dish because it's so damn fresh, it's "breathing". Dipping the bread into the cheesy soup is simply heavenly. Of course, having the bread with olive oil + balsamic vinegar is good too. The brown pasta is a little plain so eating it with the cheese helps. 

La Pizzaiola
15/3 Jalan Riang
Tel: 62825031

P.S Head over to Wimbly Lu next door for some sinfully good desserts after dinner!

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