Friday, October 26, 2012

Chocolate is the answer: Wimbly Lu

I have friends who work at Wimbly Lu and that's how I got to know of this quaint little cafe! I feel a little ashamed though, because this cafe is pretty near my JC and within my area, but I only know of it now.

We were greeted by a really cool red.... Beetle (?) at the front of the cafe. Inside, the cafe felt really cosy because of the dim lights at the front. Did a little research and found out that their Root Beer Float Cake is their best dessert.
we were greeted by their desserts as we made our way to our table. Spot the Root Beer Float Cake.
Our very own Root Beer Float Cake!
I really am not a fan of chocolate and I don't usually crave for them. But this chocolaty cake was really good and unique because you can taste a little bit of root beer here and there! The texture isn't too dry and the syrup at the bottom of the cup helps keep the cake moist. Plus warm cake with vanilla ice-cream is always a perfect match! 
Cheesecake on a really cute plate!
I LOVE CHEESECAKES I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT THEM. So I've eaten a lot of cheesecakes in my short 21 years of life and I think that this is slightly above average-- 7/10. Well I don't really know how to describe my perfect cheesecake but this out didn't stand out a lot. It tastes much like the ones out there. However, I thought that it's actually better than the ones at Cheesecake Cafe. It's creamier and... cheesier. Ha. But no, really I think it's a good try. The chocolate base of the cake goes really really well with the cake-- probably why it got a 7/10. 
See the cream underneath? It's just sinful x1000. Just imagine sinking your teeth into that soft creamy pastry... Mmmmmmm... Except that I was really disappointed with the Éclair because it just tasted downright normal, or rather, plain. It didn't smell nice and it didn't taste nice either. I think the ones you can get at the supermarket (those in boxes at the ice-cream section) tastes much nicer. Perhaps the good part about it was that it didn't taste sweet. Wait.... Maybe that's why it tasted that plain. 
see through roof

Wimbly Lu
15-2 Jalan Riang
Tel: 62891489

P.S You should totally try out La Pizzaiola next door! Awesome pizza at affordable prices!

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