Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A little breather!


I'm finally having a week without any deadlines! The past few weeks had been a mad rush for research papers and presentations due one week after another. Needless to say I couldn't catch up on all my readings and they're piling up like mad now. But... HECK I think I really deserve a short break if not I'll burnout real soon!

20120909-185405-DSC_5929 20120909-185550-DSC_5935 
You're probably wondering what all these pictures are about. Well, they're taken during our foodie trip to Wimbly Lu. The actual post on the food itself is coming up real real soon! I'm actually thinking of a new direction for my blog. After blogging for 2 years now, I think I can categorize my posts into -- food, fashion, life. 

So I was thinking that all my posts from now on shall be fully dedicated to these 3 categories. So food posts will contain purely content on the food, including the pictures in the post. This would help the people who come here to read on food and not my face. 

Who am I kidding. Of course I won't be able to resist posting maybe 1-2 pictures of myself even in food posts! I believe it'll enhance the reading experience. HA! :D 

But no, actually in truth, I still can't decide whether to posts ALL photos of a certain thing together in one post. E.g. Wimbly Lu pictures like these here and the pure food pictures. Somehow I feel unprofessional putting pictures of people into the food posts. But separating them seems a little weird too? Aiya dunno luh. I'll just see how it goes!

So anyway, tomorrow I'll be attending my FIRST HALLOWEEN PARTY ever. I feel so immature getting all excited over a party like this when I bet tons of you have partied for Halloween like a million times. I've put off celebrating the past few years because Halloween happens on shitty school weeks where I'll always be rushing some assignment. But this year is my last year in university, so I'm thinking: HECK :D 

The weekends are coming early this week because of Hari Raya on Friday! This means more food exploration with ph and my bro (since he's bored to death now after PSLE). 

Have a great weekend! <3

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