Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Plain

A few weeks back I had  HUGE craving for breakfast/brunch food so I asked ph to hunt for some cheap yet yummy places which serves those till late!

Ph's research came back with a quaint little cafe called The Plain, located at Craig Road. It's super easy to miss and we walked past it twice! Okay maybe it's just us. 

To be very very honest, I don't think the food is priced anywhere near reasonably. I think it's too expensive for the small portion that they serve. Their food comes in half & full portions. Half portions is like ONE slice of toast with poached egg on it- $7. Not cool. Full portion is about double the price. 

So apparently my hunt for CHEAP and good breakfast/brunch places had failed. I guess it drives me to open one in the near future. 

Coffee which ph felt was merely decent. 
Apple Juice-- seemingly unappetizing but genuinely good
The service was good and the young people running the place were really friendly. Ph and I ordered a dish each and they asked if we were sharing, before proceeding to help us cut the food into two portions and put one of each onto our plates. Saved us all of trouble of passing food to each other.

Dean's Breakfast (I think) & Salami Ciabatta 
The one with the poached egg is Dean's Breakfast (I think, if I didn't remember wrongly). It's poached eggs on melted cheese & vegemite sourdough toasts. Well, poached eggs tasted like poached eggs while I especially love the sourdough toast. Melted cheese on bread is just.. Mmmmmmmhhhhhhh.....

The huge looking sandwich is Salami Ciabatta. I love Salami and how it adds a nice sour taste to the bread. The ciabatta bread is crispy and fabulous.

I have to give it to them- their bread all taste really good and they smell really good too. But price wise is a little steep and the portions ain't big. I tried having just this as my dinner but my stomach growled after 3 hours. 

The Plain Cafe
50 Craig Road, #01-01 
Singapore 089688

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