Monday, September 24, 2012

De Last Day of Summer 2012

Hello guys! Summer holidays was way over and I truly apologise for not updating often enough! I have been mad busy the past week with school work, tuition and ph's present, which had just past. We visited the Night Safari! But more on that when the pictures come.

I slept at 6am last night (morning, actually) because I was up finishing ph's present-- a little book I made which contained memories of him & us! Uber sweet, I am. Give me the best gf prize now.

So.... These long overdue pictures were this overdue partly because my free Flickr account was full and I was waiting for ph to purchase membership. I couldn't bear to downgrade the picture quality by using photobucket.
Sharing Platter for 2
Milk & Dark Chocolate Dip, Chocolate Shot

That was our lunch/tea. My sad life started that day as I throng through my readings on my laptop, while ph just happily ate those delectable treats. 

A pair of red leopard prints loafers from Mitju caught my eye that night and I remembered thinking for 30mins whether to get it or not. Just to let you know, I got it the week after and have been happily wearing it now.

Dinner was spent at Marche. Ph's a darling because he spoils me with all these little treats. Since the previous summers, he would bring me out on the very last day of my summer holidays and treat me to good food. He paid for everything. 
He said I deserve a celebration to the end of my precious summer holidays. I couldn't agree less. 

My 2 recommendations at Marche-- Savory crepe (mine's mushroom & chicken); Paella.

I try not to order Rosti there, though I know it's a popular item, because there used to be a shop near my place which sold Rosti for only $4. Marche's Rosti cost at least $8 so I don't believe in paying so much. 
However, if you've never had Rosti in your life, do give it a try at Marche because I have no idea where else can you find it. 

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