Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Hooray! I've finally completed 2/3 of my tuition since it's PSLE now! Thankful for all the energy and willpower to get me through 4 sessions of tuition per week, on top of school and cca. 

So now that I have a huge commitment off my shoulders, it's time to focus wholly on studies. I've been neglecting readings since I had a dance performance last week which took up a lot of time, plus ph's birthday presents which kept me up till dawn. 

But of course, not before I relax and have an early night. It's the end of school for the week for me as I have 2 day lessons. But don't you start thinking that that is slack okay. It's actually REALLY taxing on the mind because they're lessons back to back from 830am till 330pm. 

I had a hearty meal at Soup Spoon earlier in the evening to kind of congratulate myself for getting through the past few weeks. But now, the weeks are just going to get even harder with all the deadlines looming in just a few weeks' time. 

Red velvet friand (?), another new creation.  Highly resembles cupcakes with frosting on top.
Some cool Osmusthus Blossoms tea, a new creation by Soup Spoon!

decided on a healthy salad for dinner since I've been taking in much carbo today.

(Pictures are taken from my Instagram. I update freaking frequently on food!)

Lastly, to my dear friends on exchange, if you guys are reading this, please whatsapp me whenever you guys are on Skype and it's a reasonable time in Singapore okay? I really miss all of you! :') Special shout-out to Melissa & Audrey: School's became a little dull without you guys here! 

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