Monday, August 27, 2012

National Day


The day started off with breakfast at Macs with my bro & ph. Haven't had Macs breakfast for the entire 4 months of summer!


Then bro being a P6 boy had to go home and practice for his prelims. It was just me and ph for the rest of the day! 

20120809-161700-DSC_4752 edit edit
Everything I wore that day was bought from Korea and they're all under USD15! 

20120809-161926-DSC_4757 edit
Ph channeling some Korean style with his nerdy specs!

We headed to town and GUESS WHAT? My favourite bakery in Korea, Paris Baguette, is coming to Singapore! I'm freaking HAPPY because their bread are 10x nicer than Bread Talk. Then again, I never really thought that Bread Talk had nice bread.
 If you follow me on Instagram, you would have had a glimpse of the types of pastry Paris Baguette offers. 

But I think that the prices are going to be as expensive as TWG. Which is madness considering that Paris Baguette pastry in Korea costs an average of  USD1.50-2.

I was a sick soul on National Day. Had really bad sore throat and cough. I've actually been fighting off the illness when I was already in Korea. Thank god I only succumbed to it when I came back to Singapore. Imagine all the food I had to forgo if I actually fell sick there D: 

I wanted some Taiwan porridge so ph brought me to Crystal Cafe located in town. It's one of the better rated ones, thought I've had better. The one located at a hotel in Farrer Park area is MUCH better and the BEST I've had so far. Shall blog about it when I find the pictures okay? 

So back to Crystal Cafe, the range is pretty limited but all the braised dishes there are yummy! I think the adult buffet for weekends & ph is about $18. 

I haven't exactly finished up posting on Bangkok. I'm still left with Day 5, the last day, but I'm excited to share with your guys these awesome pictures taken with ph's DSLR! I actually switched my photo host to Flickr for this post and MY GOD, the image quality is finally retained!!! Photobucket does a shit job with image quality. Makes the photos look like they're taken with a digital camera. 

But using Flickr has its down sides too. I had to constantly switch to HTML format to insert the pictures because the direct link doesn't seem to work. 
Daddy trying out Ph's nerd specs that night! CUTE :3
School has started for a week already and I'm still a bit unwilling to study. I'm still in a holiday mood but since this is my last year of school ever, I'm really hoping that it would be a slack one too. *crosses fingers*

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