Sunday, July 29, 2012

Picture Booth

It's my 11th night straight in the row drinking alcohol in Korea. I planned to go to the club tonight but I heard it would be worse than being packed like sardines. So ph and I headed to a nearby bar to drink. Now we're back in our hostel with another 1.6litres of alcohol.

Pictures of my stay in Korea so far. Everything is through Instagram so this is like a compilation. Please pardon any errors in my post too because I'm typing this while semi-high. Having close to 2litres of alcohol in  1.5 hours is a little too fast, it makes you high really fast!

Morning breakfast in Busan. Love Paris Baguette. 
This is the famous N. Seoul Tower. I know running man filmed there once!
The BEST ping su aka shaved ice I've EVER had in my ENTIRE LIFE! Only in Ewha area in Seoul!
Pretty candies from a shop in Ewha called Kosney. It's slightly pricey though, 3800won for 100g.
I really love my new tinted lip gloss from Tony Moly. And I love how ALL cosmetic shops in Korea gives away free sample like nobody's business. 
This was my dinner at Lotteria in Dongdemun. Their burgers are okay but I guess I love Macs more. 

And finally, the highlight of today: CAT CAFE @ Hongdae!

MEOW~~~!!!! Okay I'm going back to nomming on alcohol! 

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