Friday, July 6, 2012

23rd Monthsary

Yes it is another monthsary post! And I've been updating pretty frequently too huh :) Well, I have to kinda clear my backlog of pictures since I'll be flying off to Korea in like a week!!!

So for 23rd monthsary, we had a nice brunch at a place near school. It's called Artichoke and I'm sure many of you have heard of it. The place is filled with tons of ang mohs and everyone there seemed really atas, so dressing up is advisable! And make reservations before going down because they're pretty full during weekend brunches :)

The food's Arabian so there're tons of herbs used! And boy, the food's really interesting & delicious!
I LOVE the dips! I can't remember what this dish is called and I have no idea what makes up the dips either. I think the one in the front is meaty, the one in the middle is yogurt and the last one is pumpkin! 
No matter, they all taste superb with the pita bread! 

This is preserved fish & olives. Are the green ones pickles? According to ph, this is a very Spanish thing. Apparently in Spain, the always serve this with beer. It fuels appetites :) I HATE fish so I reluctantly gave this a try, It's surprisingly good! But still, I'm not a fish fan and ph would derive more joy from it. 

This is some lamb thingy which is more suited to Singaporean's taste buds. It's tomato based with tons of yogurt, which can be a little too much to finish. The bread that comes with this dish is actually my FAVOURITE out of everything. 
It tastes & smells unbelievably good, I want to have them for breakfast every single day until I die. 

The side dishes: organic mushroom ($6! holy cow!) & scrambled eggs. Both of which were yummy too :) BUT my advise is that if you're going to order a main dish per person, please don't bother with side dishes unless you want your stomach to burst. Ph & I learnt our lesson the hard way.

An idea for my future home: Serve water in wine bottles. Atas much. 

AND... I'm wearing a dress from FashionFables! It's the same dress in my blog banner. We're launching our website soon for easier shopping. We decided that spamming the description bar resulted in too much words becoming unseen.  
And you do not have to be skinny to wear this dress okay. I'm freaking UK 8 which is an average size. 

And lastly, ph trying to relive his schoolboy days...

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