Friday, June 8, 2012

Women Who Inspire Me Part 2

When I was in secondary school, I weighed 43kg at my heaviest.

Then, somehow, my appetite grew over the years and I started to increase my food intake per meal.

When I was in JC, my appetite was as great as a guy's. I was always one of the last few standing when it came to buffets. So in my JC days, I weighed 47kg.

I've always been able to maintain that weight even when I entered university and had lesser exercise. Joining salsa gave me my much needed weekly dose of exercise.

However, when I started dating ph, and since we both had more money to spare than when we were younger, we ate A LOT. Everytime we went out, it was to eat! Thus, my weight reflected all the glorious food I had been indulging in. Not gonna say exactly how much I weighed when I was dating ph, but it's <55kg.

My body showed the amount of weight I've gained. I'm not one of those girls who are blessed with skinny genes and never grow fat no matter how much they eat. My arms, thighs & butt grew and I started to panic when my relatives actually informed me of my weight gain during Chinese New Year last year.

So I started to work out A LOT. I signed up for a gym membership (greatest mistake in my life actually because California Fitness suck big time) and worked out 4 times a week, 3 hours each, On top of that, I was still doing salsa in school, which was twice a week, 2 hours each. This was during last summer.

When school started after summer last year, everyone was telling me that I have indeed lost quite a bit of weight. I didn't go back to 47kg though because of the muscles I've built along the way. But nevertheless, I was at a healthy weight and my body was in a greater shape!

Since then, I've been really conscious of what I eat because weight gain is such a terrible experience and I really do not want to go through that again.

So what do all these have got to do with women who inspire me? Well, for one, I HATE EXERCISE. I really do. If I wasn't a vain pot, I would not have bothered about losing weight.

So how do I motivate myself to exercise even when I really hate exercising?

By watching Victoria's Secret runway videos.
Adriana Lima, Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel
The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Alessandra Ambrosio
Doutzen Kroes

All the above models are my favourite VS Angels! They're all SUPER HOT and really really pretty! 

Personally, Doutzen is my favourite inspiration because she isn't the skinniest runway model. In fact she's a UK size 4/6? So you don't actually have to be a size 0 to look fabulous! I'm currently a UK6-8 and I'm hoping that one day, all my exercise would pay off and I would have a fabulous body like Doutzen! I don't hope for any size smaller because I'm a foodie and there is NO WAY IN HELL am I ever gonna give up cheesecake, burgers, chips etc. 

More pictures of Doutzen's barbie doll face and healthy body!
And besides Miranda, Doutzen also had a baby just right before the VS Fashion Show! Both of their post-pregnancy bodies are superb!
Miranda's really awesome post-pregnancy body!

I watch VS Fashion Show EVERY SINGLE DAY and it really helps in motivating me to work out daily. 
I've added the a video of the full 2011-2012 show and I guarantee that you'll be drooling like mad after watching! 

P.S The VS Angels DO NOT STARVE themselves. Instead, they WORK OUT A LOT. Like almost everyday! Not sure about other runway models though! But you can definitely see that the VS Angels have HEALTHY AND STRONG bodies.

I'm currently into their VSX Sport videos. VSX showcase a series of workout steps for the arms, butt, legs etc and they're really effective! I've tried the arms one and my arms really did tone up. Plus it features Doutzen!! :)

Give both videos a try and see if you'll feel inspired after watching them!

P.S.S Should I do up another post showing ONLY pictures of these Angels? 

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