Friday, June 8, 2012

Why is Singapore as hot as Bangkok?

I am BACK, just so you know. And I have been BUSY ever since I came back last night.

I've got TONS to unpack but most of the clothes are for me and bff's upcoming blogshop! I am proud to say that we have gotten our outfits ready and all that is left is the shoot! And then it's DEBUT TIME! Mad excited and I love the clothes I picked for our first collection!

They're pretty trendy: Neons & Pastels so they may not be suitable for school wear but HEY its now SUMMER. What school huh?!

I'm actually still suffering from a lack of sleep because Bangkok days started at 8am every day :( So I shall sleep more and then I will FINALLY DO A PROPER POST. Next up: Women who inspire me PART 2 Featuring.... Victoria's Secret Angels! :)

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