Saturday, June 23, 2012

TR's 21st

Hello guys!

I'm truly sorry for a lack of personal update! As you may have seen from my past posts, I have been super busy with Fashion Fables and I didn't have much time to do anything else.

So now, I'm back with pictures from Tr's 21st! It happened about... a month ago. LOL. Well this whole "backdated posts forever" thing is not new. Having a digital camera i.e. point and shoot camera is the worst because I have to edit all the pictures so that they would all look nice. It's really A LOT of hard work okay.

So Tr is bff's boyfriend and not all the pictures are edited but they look pretty decent!

His 21st was at White Tangerine cafe in Kovan. I love attending birthdays of friends who live in my area because their party locations are always near my area! His theme for the night was "Black & White".

And yes, he's a year younger but no, Sharon is not a pedophile.

 His handmade gift to all of us, bearing a message which signifies his fondest memory of us. "I always steal his girlfriend" HOW NICE OF HIM AH. lol. What does a girl have to do to get the attention of her bff then? 
BTW, food at White Tangerine is decent and cheap! There's one at POMO! 
Sharon: "Evil spirit be gone!"
Ph: "Same here, dude."
With a live band who *coughs* cannot *coughs* really *coughs* sing.

CAKE POPS FOR CAKE!!! SUPER LOVE THE IDEA because they're convenient, delicious and of the right amount!
AWWWWWWWWW.. *wedding bells*
Those 2 are forever at odds. 

Phew, running a small business is really really tiring! I was so tired, I just spent the whole of yesterday (Thursday) at home lying on the bed and reading a book. THE WHOLE DAY. However,I felt really odd not having anywhere to rush to or appointments to attend or having anything to do. And it's always until when summer is ending that I start to regret having too many things to do in summer and not idling around.

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