Saturday, June 16, 2012

Gurney Drive

Well, me & bff's blog was supposed to launch yesterday but some issues were not yet resolved and bff went overseas. Thus the launch will be delayed :( On another note... It's time for an introduction to a YUMMY PLACE!

On the day we did pancakes for lunch, we headed to Gurney Drive restaurant at Terminal 3 for dinner. As you may have already guessed, they serve food supposedly from the REAL Gurney Drive in Malaysia.

Honestly, I never ever trust such claims. I believe that such adaptations are never as good as the real one and most of the time, I am right. Gurney Drive however, was a SURPRISE.

Food Review:

To be honest, the service wasn't great. We were standing outside for like a good 10mins with every single waiter who walked past us, ignoring us. Thanks ah. We ended up just walking in and plonked ourselves on an empty table. Even then it took quite a while before we were given the menu! I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt by saying that they're PROBABLY understaffed. So understaffed that I had to go get my own water and refilled it.

This is probably the american spelling so if anyone tells me that I spelled it wrongly again, I'll kill you. Anyway, point aside, they tried their best to replicate some 'old coffee shop' feel. Okay la not too bad.

Prawn Noodle- 7/10
It's actually pretty decent! I really liked the soup and the chili! To me, a good bowl of prawn noodle MUST HAVE AWESOME SOUP. Even if you give me huge prawns but your soup suck, it's still a NO. But their prawns were pretty decent too! So were the fatty pork :) I would give it a 7/10!

THE STAR DISH: Platter for 2- 8/10
This is our UBER DELICIOUS platter for 2! I WAS GENUINELY SURPRISED BY HOW YUMMY EVERYTHING TASTED! The chili used was really delicious and probably why everything tasted good! It's mildly sweet. I especially love the sotong because they were well barbecued such that they're at the right level of  "springy-ness" (or QQ enough). The satay came with the peanut sauce and WHOA the peanut sauce is GOOD.  

Ngoh Hiang like dish: 7/10
 I forgot what this dish is called and I don't think it's actually Ngoh Hiang right? It's some other pork intestine dish that's made into this form, I think. Anyway, the best part of this dish is the crispy beancurd skin the meat is wrapped in! The meat itself wasn't very tasty but decent enough for me to wanna have a second bite!

Rojak: 7.5/10 (PERSONALLY)
The reason why I added the word 'personally' is because it really depends on what kind of rojak person you are. If you love the fruity kind, then this is for you. If you're the kind who leaves all the cucumbers and fruits behind, then no, don't get this. It's filled with LOADS of fruits and most importantly, the rojak sauce was good!

Chendol: 5/10 (PERSONALLY)
I didn't like the Chendol because it had too much coconut milk and gula melaka. I can feel myself putting on 1KG with every spoon of Chendol. So I really really hated it but ph loved it, so again, to each his own!

Non-food related pictures: 
For those of you who only came for the food, you can leave now. LOL. But seriously, it's gonna be pictures of my big face and ph.

Don't say I never warn you. :D

Thought of putting my fringe back this time!
Me: "Give me a sad face!" O.O

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