Wednesday, May 23, 2012

you should NEVER scrimp on education

If I had typed this post an hour ago, it would have been flooded with a lot more hate, swear words and an even harsher tone.

But since I have simmered down since, let me make one point (or maybe two) very very clear: Don't EVER scrimp on education. 

1) There's no such thing as value for money when it comes to tuition. 

Look, if you have the money to spare and you're thinking of taking up private tuition, make sure your kid gets the most out of it. And when I say get the most, I meant QUALITY not QUANTITY. Sure you pay a pretty good price for a secondary school tuition. BUT YOU EXPECT THE TUTOR TO TEACH 5 SUBJECTS IN 2 FREAKING HOURS.

I have NO QUALMS about teaching 5 subjects if you really really insist. But let's face it, what the hell is your child going to learn in 2 hours? It's going to be 20MINS PER SUBJECT. I can barely even scrape the surface of a topic before I need to move on to another subject. The worst part? The 2 extra subjects you want me to cover is HISTORY & GEOGRAPHY.

Dude (or Dude-dess), HOW THE HELL DOES ONE TEACH HISTORY? As far as I can remember, different schools in lower secondary level actually use different textbooks. Plus EVERYTHING that needs to be known is already in your damn book. Do I look like Wikipedia to you? Or does History consist of any scientific concepts or mathematical formulas which require explanation?

And don't even get me started on Geography. Isn't it all in your textbook? I can explain to you the processes in greater detail if you need but dude, everything is in your damn book if you can freaking read English. I doubt there's even assessments on lower secondary Geography.  How do I even let you practice any questions?!

I can't decide whether you're just being stingy with money, or if you truly cannot afford having a few tutors for the different subjects. But let's be realistic, your kid is going to learn NOTHING. If it's because you cannot afford the cost, then please join group tuition and ask your kid to actively seek extra help after class. If the class tutor is a true teacher, he/she will be willing to help your kid outside of class. If it's because you are stingy, then just go to hell.

And of course, I'm saying all the above on the assumption that your kid is an average student in an average school. If your kid is an all As student, then why the hell does he/she even need tuition?!

2) Please be responsible. You're an adult, don't act like a kid. 

The other thing which I can't stand the most is irresponsibility. This may not have anything to do with the above point but it has irritated the hell out of me many times.

If you can't make it for tuition, fucking tell me in advance. DON'T TELL ME ONE HOUR BEFORE TUITION. Unless someone died in the family, your kid is sick or whatever grave matter, there is NO excuse why you can't inform earlier.

Let me use the same tuition mentioned above as an example once again. We agreed that tuition will be on X day, but because you parents wanted to speak to me, you wanted the first lesson to be on Y day. Y day is a day which I am busy but I agreed to make AN EXCEPTION ONLY FOR THE FIRST LESSON.

As of now, this is the SECOND time you have postponed the first lesson. This also meant that I had to change plans for Y day 2 TIMES IN A ROW ONLY TO BE TOLD THAT TUITION SHALL BE POSTPONED TO NEXT WEEK.

YOU KNOW WHAT I THINK? I THINK YOU ARE A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT AS A PARENT. You arranged for tuition and then you tell me 1.5 HOURS BEFORE TUITION that your kid can't make it? I'm assuming that the reason was something which you could have controlled and not something unexpected, in which case it is actually forgivable.

I even made an effort to confirm with the agent one day before Y day that tuition would still be on! So what the hell is this?!

AND NOW YOU TELL THE AGENT TO TELL ME TO MAKE TUITION ON Y DAY EVERY WEEK INSTEAD OF JUST THE FIRST LESSON. FUCK YOU. Did I not make myself clear that I would only make an exception for the first lesson?

No I don't need this assignment at all. I don't work with pushovers.

The Bottom Line: 
I am super committed to my students and I tutor with the aim to see the kid through the whole year. I don't just take on assignments because I'm in need of money and drop students when I'm busy. SO WHEN YOU DO STUFF LIKE THIS TO ME, YOU HAVE INDIRECTLY AFFECTED MY POTENTIAL PROFITS because I REJECTED a few assignments since I've reached my maximum after taking your kid. Do I get to sue you for potential profits?

Parents like these are seriously to blame for their kid's horrible results. If you don't take tuition seriously, and you want to be stingy with money, THEN WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU EXPECT YOUR KID TO ACHIEVE? Parents need to match expectations to reality. You can't expect to spend little on education and get tremendously good results. Unless your kid is a genius, or you are one of those parents who are so kiasu, you send your kid to tuition even if they're top 10 in school.

PHEW, sorry for the lengthy post, but I really have had enough of rubbish people who are just wasting my precious time. And don't even get me started on incompetent tuition agencies.

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