Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Women Who Inspire Me Part 1

I had this sudden urge to write (and post tons of pics) about women who inspire me every single day. They influence me from my skincare routine to my exercise routine to my clothes and my makeup! So when I say inspire, I don't mean it in a studious manner. I meant it as inspiring my well-being.

Wait, that didn't sound like proper English. But nevermind as long as you get the point.

Although I'm a law student, law or lawyers for the matter, don't actually inspire me. I'm like "anything but law". Okay maybe except for Subhas Anandan or Davinder Singh. They are both top notch lawyers in various fields and are inspirations to all budding law students and existing lawyers, I believe.

Besides, I don't actually have people who inspire me to work harder. My goals are the ones pushing me to excel academically.

So first up, I would like to introduce everyone to Ayumi Hamasaki! She's a famous singer/producer/song-writer/ model from Japan.
Okay I could almost here half the guys I know groaning about how she looks too fake and thus she's ugly etc etc. I agree she looks fake but to a portion of the female population. looking like a doll=pretty. It's a subjective thing!

She's my inspiration for the way I do my makeup! I've always felt that she's unbelievably pretty, which explains the fact that she needed to have plastic surgery to even achieve her beauty -.- Her eyes are to die for! JUST LOOK AT THOSE PAIR OF EYES!
Find me another person who's eyes are as big as hers! Okay fine, she had surgery, but still.. She has such pretty hair and such a sharp nose (which is also plastic, sadly). But you know, given that we're less blessed than the ang mohs when it comes to eyes, makeup becomes a super powerful tool (besides surgery) to enhance your eyes and make them look bigger! After all, eyes are the window to one's soul! :) 

I bet all the big eye contact lenses are produced because 123884747434382038 girls would love to have eyes as big as hers. Ayumi's known as a trendsetter in Japan and she's the first person to start the big eyes trend. Now, everyone wears big eyes lenses!  
Ayumi Hamasaki
And mind you, she's 34 now! How many of us can look like that when we're 34? 

And now, just in case everyone thinks I'm starting to sound like a bimbo, let me highlight her awesome achievements:

1. She's dubbed the Empress of Pop and has sold more than 50 MILLION records in Japan alone ever since her debut in 1998, making her the country's best solo singer. 

2. SHE'S DEAF IN ONE EAR DAMN IT and she's still singing live and producing records!

3. She won awards for best female so many times that she refused to be nominated any longer. Holy! 

Okay so now that everyone knows that she's not just a pretty face (and that this post ain't that bimbotic), back to the main point. 

Her flawless complexion (not photoshop, you should see her live videos!) and her large doe eyes inspire me to take better care of my skin and to uh.. hone my eyeliner drawing skills so that my eyes look bigger. And ya okay I wear big eye contacts too. But that DOESN'T make me an ah lian okay. Jey and Vinay please take note.

Okay this shall conclude part one of this "women who inspire me" series! When Part 2 comes, I bet all you men out there are gonna drool! Hint hint: It has something to do with Victoria Secret's Angels! 

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