Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Starships were meant to fly

So I'll be leaving for BKK with ph and his family in 2 days! It hasn't hit me that I'm going on a holiday yet and I guess it wouldn't hit me until it actually happens.

Reminds me of how it didn't hit me that it was official summer when my last exam paper ended and few months back. 

To be honest, I am eternally grateful for a bff like Sharon and I cannot imagine my life without her. When ph and I had a huge argument yesterday, the only person whom I thought could somehow solve the problem was Sharon. When I think about who would ever do so much for me, I could only think of her. It's at times like these that you see a distinct line between your bff and all your other friends. 

I truly believe that everyone would only have ONE bff. That's what the word 'best' meant anyway. 
Yep that is MY retarded face in the middle. 
<3 She looks super cool over here. 

She can be such a worrywort at times but since she had always been hardworking, there really isn't much for her to worry about! 

Btw, I woke up at 730am today to volunteer for SPCA. I felt truly happy. The part of me which left when my dog ran away, came back to me a little after I played with the dogs & cats there. Even washing their cages felt meaningful. It made waking up at 730am ALL WORTH IT. 

P.S PH BOUGHT GALAXY S3 TODAY!!!!! I was checking out how shiok his phone was and guess what?
READING MANGA LIKE  A SHIOK. I hate the screen size of my HTC now :( 

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