Wednesday, May 9, 2012

No I'm Not Dead

And I think I've just gained weight. (hey it rhymes!) I think my thighs are slightly fatter now :(

I had a 2 weeks free pass to True Fitness which is ending this Friday. I seriously thought that I would make full use of it by going everyday, like what I did with Fitness First and the ever sucky California Fitness last year. However, the HUGE urge to just laze around at home is too much to resist. Plus work started for me this week and even though I always end on time, if ph isn't going, then I won't too. It's just better to have a companion than to attend class with strangers, especially if they're regulars. It can be pretty embarrassing! 

Anyway I intended to actually update a full post with photos but they're all stored in my camera's memory card and I'm too lazy to dig for it, transfer, edit lighting, upload and copy over to here. I just want to watch my anime (yes, I'm an otaku) and then sleep! It's actually takes quite a bit of effort to create a blog post but I do promise to have one (or two) by this weekend! Oh and yes, Jey and Vinay's Miranda Kerr post coming up!  

P.S really can't wait for internship to be over. I'm bored to tears with so little work to do and the culture doesn't feel that fantastic either. 

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  1. look on the bright're meeting me this monday! hahaah


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