Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hot Star

I'm talking about a Taiwan snack stall here! If anyone's a hot star, it'll be ME. HA!

Okay no I'm joking. DID YOU MISS ME??? To make up for my lack of updates, I'm back with this super delicious food recommendation!

My intern friend from TKQ told me that there was a Taiwan snack stall in City Square Mall which sells super nice fried chicken cutlet. Apparently, they are the ORIGINAL popular stall in Shilin or something! I hope you know by now that the Singapore Taiwan snack stall called Shilin isn't the real one.

Since ph and I were heading to Soup Restaurant just now for our monthsary celebration (one day early), we decided to have some chicken from Hot Star.

This is probably how I will look like after work, for the rest of my life. Fml. Eyebags and all. 
THANK YOU SU CHEN FOR INTRODUCING IT TO ME! Omg I am a total believer of authentic Shilin chicken! If anyone tells me that Hot Star is not authentic, I'll punch you even if it's true. The batter has so much more flavour and sweeter than the one from Singapore's Shilin chain! Now that I've tasted it, I'm tempted to boycott Shilin. But there's only one Hot Star branch in Singapore, I think :( But nevertheless, do drop by City Sqaure for this!
Hot Star 
City Square Mall
Basement 1 (the one that links to MRT underground passage)


  1. the eye bags will only get worse..haha

  2. ya thanks V that is super comforting :(


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