Friday, April 13, 2012

Midnight Blue

Did my nails an hour ago while taking a break from studying! The silver tips are kinds uneven because I was feeling lazy while painting them. Anyway, I took this photo with Instagram because IT FINALLY CAME TO GOOGLE PLAY! Finally I can stop hogging my dad's iPhone just to use Instagram. 

I wonder why the picture turned out blur though. Looked fine on my phone screen :/ Nevertheless, I'm still pretty noob at using Instagram.  If i'm not wrong can create a collage of 2 photos right?? 

Studying's pretty okay for now. I'm going to finish up Equity tonight and finally, move on to IP law, albeit a day late on schedule. I can't wait for summer to start! It's in 2 weeks' time and then all hell shall break loose! Plus daddy just confirmed that we're FINALLY GOING BANGKOK THIS JUNE! YAY!!!!

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