Friday, April 20, 2012

Lenas + Coffee Club

If I haven't already said this a million times, and if you haven't already know, IP Law is a HUGE pain in the ass. So wile I slog my guts out by studying and studying, with the occasional break for eating, all my friends are having FUN.

It doesn't help that 3/4 of the content in the textbook is NOT in prof's outline. I feel like i'm copying my textbook into my notes. Which is just plain retarded. And all the cases in his outline is NOT in my textbook. What the hell. That means a hell lot of extra work :(

So since I haven't been going out at all, this is a great opportunity for me to clear my backlog of photos! LOL. So here's the pictures taken during IT Fair last month! No pictures of me because I look like crap after class ended at 645pm. So if you're a ph fan, you're in luck because you'll only see his face. If you don't like his face, never mind, got food pictures to tie you through. If you only want to see my face, you can read the Cosmopolitan Photoshoot below :D

Basically, we were trying to clear a few food vouchers before they expire. We had Lenas & Coffee Club vouchers for use!

And may I say, food at Lenas suck big time. Don't ever ask me to eat there ever, unless it's for drinks. 
Their milk tea, has so much more milk than tea, they might as well call it milk with oreo.
they can't even make their own chips! Fine, even if they use ready made Doritos, AT LEAST BAKE IT. If not, don't charge $7
The pizza was SLIGHTLY better but still meh-ish. Can't even remember how the hell it tasted like.

ROUND 2 at Coffee Club for desserts:
MY GOSH! After having Lenas, Coffee Club's food is suddenly superb and appetizing. Not that they were bad to begin with of course! Just that it really tasted even better. 

I really love the duck with poached pear salad! though the duck is a tad too salty! Probably because it's something like preserved duck rather than the fresh kind.

But you know, if you really want delicious savory salads, TCC is actually a good place to go to!

Okay back to mugging! Shall be back with more awesome photos soon!

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