Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Instagram Madness

FIRST PAPER DOWN! Even though I didn't complete all the issues, but I think I managed my time better than in the past! At least they're all 80-90% complete rather than complete 2 questions but never do one question.

SO I have 2 more papers left-- IP law (which sucks big time) and Ethics. Some of my friends have already finished their exams :( But it's okay cos mine will be over SOON! I shall now bombard this post with Instagram pictures I took the past few days! I really this app and I'm glad it came over to Android!


My new fave highlighter- it's abnormally bright! anyone knows where I can get this brand of highlighters from?

Got my E.L.F products from USA finally after 2 FREAKING MONTHS!
Set of 12 brushes + lipstick
lipstick in Seductive. I've tried it on and it's a nice deep berry colour! Plus it smells of berries!

Finally, on a non-Instagram related note, 
This has got to be my MOST POPULAR PIN EVERRRR. I'm feeling a little accomplished :') And if you haven't already followed my pins on Pinterest, click on the Pinterest button on the right -----> 

Talk to you guys soon!!! :)

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