Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Angry Birds Gummies!

My packages from F21 and Amazon arrived today! I love both sellers because the shipping's really fast! It took just over a week :) I've been mad excited to see and taste the Angry Bird Gummies I bought from F21. Yes, they do sell sweets in the U.S, unlike in Singapore. I've only shopped in Singapore's F21 shops twice, but I've shipped from F21 U.S so many times! I think the clothes online get updated much faster than in Singapore. It's only when I want something but it goes out of stock, that I check out the shops in Singapore. And F21 is super cheap, cheaper than all your blogshops!
HAHAHA! The birds look so off from the pictures! Taste wise, they're a tad too sweet but I'm fine with it. However, just looking at them makes me feel like I'm going to get food poisoning thereafter. O.O

I even got Starburst gummies! I love the Gummibursts series and I remember Singapore used to sell the ones in shapes of babies filled with liquid juice! However I couldn't find them anymore and so I got some imported from the F21. But it's not really worth the price because it comes in a really small packet, like half the box size! Anyone knows where I can get Starbursts babies filled with liquid juice?

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