Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I'm here to do a quick update so that you guys wouldn't miss me too much while I'm busy with school work! :D:D:D This week and next will be ABSOLUTE HELL. I have got 3 research papers + 1 presentation all within these 2 weeks! And I clearly didn't do much during mid term break, hence the panic now. Then again, during mid term break, to make up for lost time in the afternoons, I'd been sleeping at 4am for 3 days. My body took a toll yesterday and I had to crash by 2am. Partly because I had lesson today at 830am so I had to wake up at 630am! Right now at 12.50pm, my eyes are starting to close and I'm losing focus. Should I just sleep??? DILEMMA. My mum told me that her friend commented that I look 25 O.O. She said it's probably because of my crazy sleeping time, but what to do :( Have you seen any pretty lawyers out there? (It's rhetorical, I don't want an answer so please let me be deceived forever. LOL.)

Anyway, I'm back on a nail polish purchase rampage again. The last time this happened was... almost 6 months ago? Shall share a few pictures! Sorry for the bad resolution though. They were grabbed from my twitter and photos taken with my phone because I was too lazy to transfer pictures from my camera. 
Nails last week-- Paddle Pop inspired: 
pink manicure with baby blue french tip done by BFF

Current nails -- OPI Holland Collection: Red Lights Ahead... Where?
I got red polish from OPI Holland Collection, which is one of their latest. The reasons why I got this was because (i) I ran out of red polishes (or so, I thought) and (ii) this red is similar to Pantone's colour of the year! This roughly translates to "how can you not buy the colour of the freaking year?!" The actual colour is brighter than the picture though. Think tangerine red! I love it because it's one of the best OPI polishes I've ever had (not that I have a lot but well..). It's application is smooth and it isn't streaky. Plus it's so smooth, I actually applied it super evenly, which is actually.. *ah hem* a first. I'm ashamed to admit this though, given how often I paint my nails. It's like saying I have lousy skills or something, which I vehemently beg to differ.

The truth is, I didn't run out of ANY red polishes. You see, I store all my polishes on the upper shelf of my cupboard. I have about 40 bottles of polish and some are in boxes, while some are still in their original packaging. I can't remember all the 40 colours I have. One night, I finished my mini bottle of apple red with flecks of gold polish (Ali's Big Break from OPI Burlesque Collection) and placed an order for this red Holland one. However, just ONE DAY after ordering, I opened my cupboard to find a BOX of Sephora polishes still in their original packaging, though I've used the dark red once sometime back. In the box, there lies TWO BOTTLES of red in bright & dark shades.

So how do I comfort myself over this unnecessary buy? "It's (similar to) Pantone's colour of the year damn it!"

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