Friday, March 2, 2012

Not again dudes (& dudettes)

I was surfing the net a few days back and I came across yet another PRC's insulting comments, on Temasek Review's website. How apt given that I just blogged about the NUS PRC about a week back!

Taken from the website: 
Aries also try to remind Singaporeans of their ‘place’ in the world:
“Please be reminded Singaporeans, you are all descendants of Chinese and the Chinese blood flow in you. Don’t think you have been transformed to ‘Singaporeans’ from ‘Chinese you can be arrogant. Actually you are not even worth a fart!”
When asked by fellow PRC netizens to cool down, Aries retorted:
“If all the mainland Chinese return home, you Singaporeans will have to eat porridge at home everyday.”
DUDE, SERIOUSLY? Can someone please explain to me why would we all be eating porridge at home if all the PRCs return to China? As far as I can remember, right before the government relaxed their policy against foreigners, there were barely any PRCs in Singapore, and I was able to eat my steak at Jack's Place. In fact, I didn't even eat porridge. It's either his direct translation from some chinese idiom (which I have never heard of) is damn fail, or there is seriously NO link. 

And the whole "since you're Chinese, your ancestors came from China and that makes you technically offsprings of Chinaland" thing makes me want to punch someone. I remembered having discussions like these during my AMH classes and NO ONE considered themselves as China Chinese. Dude, we may belong to the same ethnicity, but please do not confuse that with our identity. Being born and raised in Singapore, I am proud to say that I'm a true blue Singaporean and I've never thought of myself (nor would I ever want to) as part of China. And why don't we have the right to be arrogant? Our government has put in tons of effort to transform Singapore from a third world to a (almost) first world country in just a short span of 40 odd years! We have the best airport, the best education, the best umm... food(?) and a super strong economy and a reasonably strong currency! We're so prosperous that you PRCs have to COME to our country too look for jobs. And please, your country has been around for centuries but only made progress in recent years. So of course we have the right to be arrogant. Pfft. And please, if you're suggesting from your comment, that Singaporeans and PRCs are somehow related by blood (yuck), then why the hell are you attacking your 'own people' by calling us farts then? You want us to stop being arrogant? Fine, you stop being arrogant too. Oh but you can't stop being arrogant because you are proud of your own country and don't consider yourself as part of Singapore right? YEA WELL SAME HERE DUDE. We are proud of Singapore and we don't consider ourselves as part of Chinaland either. SO NO, WE'RE NOT RELATED IN ANY WAY THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

You know, we have had many foreign workers in our countries for many years now. Before the huge influx of PRCs, we had a lot of Philippinos and Bangladeshi workers, but we never had MUCH of an issue with them because they seem humble, they keep to themselves and never complain outrightly about Singapore (at least I've never seen one). We never seemed to have this irk against foreign workers. However, when the PRCs came, anti-PRCs sentiments were everywhere and Singaporeans (suddenly) became very patriotic and defended Singapore against the nasty remarks made by the PRCs. Seriously why do nasty comments only come from PRCs? Talk about arrogance. If you really cannot stand Singapore, then please go home. No one is forcing you to stay here. Go back to your beloved China. And don't worry, we won't end up eating porridge everyday if you leave. I'm 200% sure about that because there will always be McDonalds. Oh wait, you can't go back because you need to continue to work here to sustain your family back home. Pfftt. Ever heard of the phrase 'don't bite the hand that feeds you'? Listen up! 
GOT IT??? >:(


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