Monday, March 26, 2012

New Buys!

Hello guys! I would like to share with you guys my recent indulgences!

First up are 6 pieces of masks from the popular Taiwan brand, Love More. You've probably heard of it from 女人我最大. I haven't actually watched that show though, so I knew of these masks from various bloggers and ads! I got mine from Gmarket, my favorite online store. I bought them individually at about $1.20 per mask.
Aren't they super cute? I love the 'My Melody' ones! And they're 3D masks which means they come with the ear hooks thing which is supposed to help shape your chin too. Haven't tried them out yet and I'm pretty skeptical because I don't believe that a $1.20 can actually work wonders. But oh well, they're cute!

The second buy this week is my first ever Essie nail polish! Got it from Smoochiez flea @ Expo. It's called Pretty in Pink and it's really light! I seldom get such light shades because I love my nails to stand out. But somehow, I love the nudes which Essie have. Sadly, I couldn't find A Crewed Interest,  peach cream colour I've been dying to get from Essie. It's sold out :( I always though Essie bottles look really pretty too.
I did my nails with my new polish and some Fairy Dust from China Glaze. Okay to be honest, I don't really like Essie somehow. I mean the brush is great and the application is smooth. But somehow it's streaky. Maybe because it's pretty sheer so I needed about 3 coats to even out the colour. My favourite brand of all time is still China Glaze. I think OPI loses out because it's formula isn't really consistent and it can be really sticky at times, which sucks.
Somehow light pink is really a boring colour, so I decided to brighten things up with some glitter, which helps to cover the uneven tones too. Double win! I should probably do a post on my nail polish collection someday! I have enough to open a nail salon!

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