Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Hunger Games

Finally a day where I can feel a little more carefree! Got my equity project more or less settled and then it was time for Hunger Games! It's a movie based on the story book of the same name, in case you have no idea what I'm talking about. Ph was asking me to watch it because it scored 8.3/10 on IMDB. IMDB is my trusty site to turn to whenever I wanna decide whether to watch a movie. The ratings are pretty accurate! 

The storyline is pretty okay, I guess. It's really sick if you ask me, but more of that later. The crowd  in the theater SUCK though. Bloody hell, they scream like they're on a roller coaster and they clap and they made all sorts of noises! Can't decide whether they're just an immature bunch, or they're really feeling the movie. The best part of the movie, is the leading guy who represented District 12 with Katnis. He's super cute! BUT now that I'm googling his picture, I'm DEVASTATED. Not only is he a midget, he looks plump now and his hair is black! OMG what happened to his blonde hair?! Couldn't tell that he's that short in the movie!

The main Hunger Games competitors. My fave guy is the shortest there and somehow the ugliest :( It's such a bad bad shot!
See! He really is quite cute in the movie!
So, the question that's bugging me is this: Why do people condemn the acts of Kony but support The Hunger Games? 

I mean Kony's team abduct kids and force them to fight with weapons. In The Hunger Games, kids (or teenagers) are chosen at random to represent their district in a competition called The Hunger Games. There, they fight each other to death until one survivor is left and emerges as the winner. The worst part is that The Hunger Games is a form of entertainment to the rich people and the game master controls the objects in the battlefield. So for example, he can choose to plant some cheetahs in the game to spice things up. Reminds me very much of Gladiators actually. 

Anyway, so why do people still support The Hunger Games if they're so against sickening crimes committed by Kony? If you're going to tell me it's because The Hunger Games is just pure fiction, well that's just a lousy excuse! If you really believe in something, an idea for example that children should not be forced to fight and kill, then regardless of whether it's fictional or not, you wouldn't support it. My conclusion, is hypocrisy. You think it's fine if it's a story but it's not fine if it's real. Pfft. Anyway, the point is, I can't really decide what to say about The Hunger Games of people ask me for my opinion. I can't exactly say that it's nice because of how sick the story is. So what do I say? "Well, its a sickening story but it makes a good movie." 

Moving on, I bought some neon coloured clothes from Cotton On! I've been deliberating for a week now and I finally bought them! Shall wear them out tomorrow when ph and I visit ecp for Mellben Seafood! We bought some vouchers and we can only use them from 11am-2pm :( Cannot sleep in :'( But anyway, bright colours are all the rage right now so do get yourself some in preparation for summer!

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