Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dear PRCs

Now, I have got nothing against PRCs in general. This is because I do have a few PRC friends and my gosh they can be really very nice and cultured (in the sense that they speak at a reasonable volume). I was looking through Stomp just yesterday and came across this comment by a PRC:

'It's so annoying to have gangster Singapore uncles stare at you when you bump into them. There are more dogs than humans here in Singapore'. - Direct translation. Resource: http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/stomp/sgseen/this_urban_jungle/957154/prc_scholar_from_nus_calls_sporeans_gangsters_and_dogs.html

Now, this PRC guy, an NUS student who apparently is studying in Singapore through a scholarship since he was Secondary 2, got flamed by tons of locals, as you can imagine.

You know sometimes I really can't blame people for having anti-PRC sentiments. I too feel the same way sometimes. Case in point: 2 PRC women live above my flat. They were hogging the lift for such a long time because one was in the lift waiting for the other to leave the house and enter the lift. That happened during the early morning around 720am, which is the time where lifts face the highest usage due to school and work. To hog the lift like that is really inconsiderate. When the lift descended to my floor, my mum went in (with me and my brother) and told those women that they shouldn't hold up the lift because everyone else living below them are waiting for it. And no prizes for guessing what their reaction was. THEY FREAKING GLARED AT MY MUM. HELLO??? IF YOU CAN'T STAND BEING TOLD WHAT NOT TO DO, THEN DO THINGS RIGHT. My mum, being a fiery woman, glared back of course. From then on, whenever my family bumps into them, they would always whisper to each other while OBVIOUSLY staring at us, or just plainly glare. Bitch please, the lift doesn't belong to you. If you want to hog the lift, go live in a bungalow or a terrace. You don't even need the lift then, just walk out of the house and you're out in the open!

And I guess another common characteristic among majority of the PRCs (because somehow my PRC friends aren't like that) which many people cannot stand is how they are really arrogant and proud of their homeland. I don't mind that they are super proud of their country. Sometimes I wish Singaporeans are that proud of Singapore too instead of complaining. But you don't go to another country to show off how great China is right? We all know how great China is! I mean it's owning everyone in every single field! And I don't mean just the grass kind of field (ha.ha. lame joke fail). If you had to leave your beloved country to work in Singapore, then please eat humble pie and be appreciative that Singapore gave you a job. And to the students who use Singapore schools as mere stepping stones, shouldn't you be thankful that Singapore provided you with quality education? If you're going to look down on all Singaporeans, you're just going to make us hate you for being leeches/ungrateful people. Even though my dad has tons of PRC friends, he too admits that they're too proud sometimes, and yet they still ask him for help. Talk about ironies.

So anyway, back to the statement posted by the NUS PRC student, which part of his statement do you think is wrong? To be really honest, everyone knows that the elderly in Singapore aren't the nicest people around. Sometimes they can be unreasonable too (don't get me started), but we forgive them and take that to be a fact of life. We don't really go around complaining and even if we do, we don't call them dogs. I agree that some old uncles can be really petty/unreasonable or even gangster because maybe they're really vulgar? But to use the word dog is such an insult...to the dogs. DOGS ARE CUTE, CUDDLY AND LOYAL ANIMALS. DO NOT COMPARE HUMANS TO DOGS THANKS. I think dogs are really angelic so to compare humans to dogs is a great insult. Okay I'm a huge dog lover so my logic is obviously flawed, but hey, at least I agree that he shouldn't use the word, dogs, on the elderly. But what I'm really surprised about, is that since he's been living here since secondary 2, shouldn't he have gotten used to the acts of the elderly population in Singapore? Maybe he's just angsty that day, like how I angsty tweet sometimes, and the uncle who stared at him made him even more angsty. If I'm angsty and rushing for time. and you refuse to move to the left of the escalator, I can make you sound like the biggest bitch in the whole damn world. Well when you're really angsty and you comment/tweet, you don't really think twice right?

To demand that NUS expel him or get his scholarship revoked is a little too far-fetched la. I guess a public apology would suffice. We all say nasty things when we're angry too. Wait, why am I being so nice and understanding? Which reminds me, regarding the Remy Ong incident with the pregnant dog, DAMN YOU FOR KNOCKING A PREGNANT DOG DOWN!! But I think to demand that he can't represent Singapore in future competitions is a little too far fetched too eh. I mean I know he's a role model and all, but maybe he really did make a GENUINE mistake. We won't know until we cross-examine him, which I think is insane. BUT, WHY HASN'T HE GIVE A PUBLIC APOLOGY? Oh wait, maybe he has! Has he????

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