Friday, February 17, 2012

Big Time Rush

No it's not the boyband. I'm referring to the time of the year again, where law students rush to grab a training contract. The last time this rush happened, it was for internships. Now, much more is at stake-the start of your legal career itself. I remember when I was in year 2 and I took Finishing Touch, I was at my lowest ever and I started to hate whatever I was studying. My Finishing Touch prof could tell that I was struggling and he was telling me that either I don't step into this industry, or I find some light at the end of this (legal) tunnel. It was only after a few internship stints that brought back my interest in law. I remembered why I wanted to do law and it kept me going. Right now, everyone's saying how a lot of people already secured a training contract. I think that's rubbish. How do these people know? They know 80% of the SMU and NUS students and actually asked them about training contracts? But nevertheless, as my closest friends start to receive offer for training contracts, I start to panic. I didn't want to be the only one in the whole history of law school to NOT get any training contracts. I mean, my grades aren't brilliant so I think there are only a handful of firms who would even interview me. I had the greatest hopes when TSMP gave me an interview because when I interned there last summer, I knew it was the firm for me. Since it was my first interview, I was full of nerves and wasn't prepared enough. I had a sinking feeling at the end of the interview that they wouldn't want me. Many friends told me to have hope. But I was right and the litigation department is now full.

I had the same sinking feeling again for this interview. I was more prepared and I think I handled the questions well but my interviewer looked skeptical. And no I wasn't offered a training contract on the spot, needless to say. I wonder how some of my friends do it- getting offered on the spot.

It doesn't help that I have friends who are depressed and stressed out too, because it gets me depressed and stressed out. Also, tt doesn't help that I'm short of 2 more weeks of internship before I can graduate.


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