Friday, January 20, 2012

Silent Heroes

wtf is the 9gag logo there?!

But point aside, I cried after reading the article. I love dogs. They are the best living thing in this entire world. I think I love them even more than humans. They can sense your mood so damn well and they'll come comfort you without being asked to. Their loyalty is another gem and they'll always stay by your side even if you mistreat them. They'll always be happy to see you. They wag their tails wildly and climb onto you, even if you scolded them one hour ago. I really do miss my own dog who left years ago. She was my ONLY companion when I was growing up, since I was an only child for a decade.

Dogs are essential companions to soldiers who are at war. They take in stray dogs, breaking the rules against taking in animals and provide the dogs with shelter and food. In return, the dogs provide the soldiers with love and companionship. Often soldiers lose their comrades on the battlefield. They can't cry during or after battle. They need to learn to live with such loss so that they can continue as soldiers. But occasionally when they do cry, these dogs are right beside them, nuzzling them and trying their best to comfort their crying friends. You know how sometimes when you're sad and you don't want to talk to anyone about it? You just want to cry it all out. These dogs provide just that extra comfort. They sit by your feet silently while you cry and they occasionally lick tears off your face. You feel that warm furry body next to you and you feel much better instantly.

The most amazing thing about dogs is who selfless they are. Really, I don't think I can ever find a breed of dog that is selfish. They readily give their lives to the ones they love and expect nothing in return. Perhaps the most they would ask for is that we will always, always remember them and the times spent together. Find me a human who can do that without complaining or expecting anything in return. You can't.

Quoting from the article above, 
"Dogs are trained to give their lives for their guide, for their team or for a civilian in danger, Piovesan says.“They don’t hesitate, they don’t think twice and they’re always ready."

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