Friday, January 13, 2012

A quick update!


Just had to start off this post with a manga I just finished! It's called Private Prince and the artwork and storyline are really nice :) I swear I have top notch research skills when it comes to manga. I first saw this exact picture in another manga I was reading (The Devil and Her Love Song) and I thought to myself, OMG THE PRINCE IS SUPER DUPER GOOD LOOKING. I wanted to find out where the picture came from but the scalators' (noble people who scan the pictures to upload online and translate from Japanese to English all for free) website was nonexistent so I couldn't email to ask them. So my long arduous journey of finding this manga began, with help from my best friend, Google. And after an hour of trying to find the title of this manga, low and behold, I found it!!! I think it's a really great effort on my part, given that I only had a picture and the scanlators' group name to guide me throughout. When it comes to manga, my second best friend is Baka Updates Manga : a brilliant website which archives millions of manga information.

Ya okay so this post was just to uh.. share with you my awesome manga research skills and the super handsome prince. *drools*. Oh and in case you have no idea what a manga is, it's the japanese version of a comic. Sometimes I don't know whether to tell people I'm reading manga or comic. I mean many people mistakenly mix it with anime (animation/cartoons) and ask me what am I WATCHING. Not cool at all.

Oh and school had started for a week now. Most of my profs are really nice and I'm handling the workload well for now, because there's lesser readings for ethics, work & fam and IP law. Equity is the only killer with A FEW chapters each lesson. And I have 2 lessons of Equity a week mind you. And since I'm busy with school (and reading manga) I haven't been updating this space! I'll probably post my new year celebration by this week! Yes it's super backdated I know.

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