Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My current wants:

Floral heels

Image 1 of ASOS Scallop Edge Satchel
A pastel pink satchel from ASOS- 20 Pounds. SGD40 for a bag like this is crazy though, SIGH.  
I'm in a mood for pastel coloured everything. Oh and you may have already realized this, but I'm posting up quite a bit of photos of my outfits and accessories. This is what happens after reading 5 fashion blogs daily. You just get inspired by those really amazing photos you see. My current favourite:

Oh and last night was my first time ordering F21 without joining a spree. Roped in a few friends to order together. But I made such a silly mistake of not entering my own address under billing address and now they're putting my order on hold. And I can't call them since they're in USA right. MEGA SIAN NOW. I need my cny skirt to arrive in time!
BFF's flying off to BKK at 5am. I could have been there with her if I er.. pushed like mad and create a ruckus. But since I'm such a good girl... *shrugs* 

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